My list of clients include attorneys, physicians, teachers, scientists, engineers, and others from all walks of life.

“I have seen Lois many times and she has helped me tremendously. She has such a soothing voice and she is passionate about what she does. I would recommend her to anyone needing a Hypnotherapist. I have sent several clients to her. She is truly gifted and I do not think there is any problem too large for her to handle.”


“Lois has had an enormous impact on my mental health. She has allowed me to slow down, take pause, and reflect on my attitude and demeanor when put in stressful situations. Her voice is calm and peaceful; her tone soft and serene.

I was often overwhelmed with emotions and felt stressed when something wasn’t going my way. I would fly off the handle and go from zero to 10 on the scale. I would lose my temper and lash out. Lois helped me to take a step back; to pause. She helped me find the space to slow down, not react, and see the situation from an outside perspective. I now feel calmer and more relaxed. Now I can continue a conversation without getting emotional or angry. She has helped me both personally and professionally. I am truly grateful for Lois.”


“Lois is great. Her voice is comforting and reassuring. She has helped me to become more at peace after just two sessions. They left me feeling lighter and happier. She has awesome intuition and gets to the core of what you need while making a comfortable atmosphere to make it happen.”


“I was extremely fortunate that my first experience with hypnotherapy was with Lois. She was professional, patient, and incredibly intuitive. I highly recommend Lois because she produces results and is genuinely committed to your success.”


“My session with Lois was incredible. I was able to reach a wonderful state of relaxation, which I have never felt before. She has a gentle voice and was able to relax my body as well as my mind. She is a true professional. I would highly recommend Lois to anyone seeking relief from personal issues / bad habits as well as anyone seeking true relaxation.”


“I want to thank you, Lois! You have helped me so much! I truly appreciate how you take the time to understand what is really going on. Thank you for shining light on areas I didn’t even think of. I have learned so many tools that I can use in all parts of my life. You are a wonderful Hypnotherapist!”


“I started seeing Lois on a monthly basis. She is an amazing Hypnotherapist who genuinely cares about helping others. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life!”


“Lois, I want to THANK YOU for your guidance and wisdom. You have a way of encouraging me to look beyond my limitations and showing me the way to trust myself. I feel so much more confident, even when facing adversity and challenges. Thank you for your gentle approach – it really works!”


“Every time I have a session with Lois, it feels as if my heart has received a warm hug.”


“Lois, just a note to thank you, thank you, thank you!! I more than successfully made my trip to Hawaii. I was able to fly with my sons and feel so much more relaxed! I am glad I took the initiative and had the sessions with you. Thank you again!!”


“Lois, you have helped me beyond measure. Thank you so much!”


“I want you to know that you have literally changed my life. I can’t thank you enough, Lois!”